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Name Tom and Jerry: Chase
Package com.netease.tjglobal
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Category Casual
Version 5.3.39
Size 49
Requires Android 2.3 and up
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1V4 Casual Battle Game
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Tom and Jerry: Chase, the newest game of NetEase is out there . Download the APK and OBB files of this game through the link below and install it to be ready to participate in an endless chase.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a competitive 1v4 game, but the game has a fun style when bringing characters from the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry into its game. NetEase has been licensed by Warner Bros so that they can create a game with characters associated with childhood, to create a sense of nostalgia when participating in this game. The Tom and Jerry cartoons are recreated through this classic original style game.

Tom and Jerry may be a cartoon related to our childhood. Although the story simply describes the three words “cat chase mouse”, but it’s very attractive to viewers from children to adults. Netease doesn’t want to lose its original identity, in order that they also put the plot of the first movie into the sport , thereby developing a game of chasing almost like the plot of the movie rather than developing it into a special genre from its inherent content.

Gameplay Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry: Chase

If you’ve got ever known or played Dead By Daylight Mobile or Identity V, you’ll very quickly to urge familiar with the sport Tom and Jerry: Chase. Basically, you’ll be ready to prefer to control the cat side or mouse side. It’s sort of a game of chasing, if you’re a cat then you chase the mouse. And if you play because the mouse, you’ll need to find cheese and push it into your cave and in fact , don’t let the cat catch you.

For example, if you select the mouse side, within the beginning, you’ll control a robot mouse to spy on the house and find the situation of the cheese to save lots of longer . If you’re a cat-side, you’ll destroy those rats to form the mouse-side spend time searching, increase the time to chase and eliminate annoying opponents.

The game allows you to regulate the character with touch arrow buttons or Joystick buttons. additionally , there are some skill buttons for every character which will be learned when leveling up like in MOBA games.

Our battle won’t be merely an empty house when many cool items are shooting up everywhere. the sport also has many interesting items like ice, bazooka, explosives, … The endless chase are going to be more interesting and tactical when there are those items.

Admittedly, Netease knows the way to exploit and use it best when the characters related to childhood have quite similar drawings to the first movies. this is often an enormous plus that helps the sport attract tons of players.

In particular, the sport also supports High Frame Rate (maximum 60 FPS) and HD graphics to satisfy the requirements of players to possess the smoothest experience possible.

In addition, the map is additionally very diverse and elaborated with each stroke. The chase battle can happen stumped , indoors, castles, yachts, … The sound is additionally especially invested, making you are feeling such as you are enjoying a Tom and Jerry episode that you simply have ever “addicted” as a toddler .

What's Latest New Tom and Jerry: Chase

1. New Toodles Galore Skin: Beach Party
2. New Jerry Skin: Breezy Summer
3. New Tom Skin: Breezy Summer
4. Celebration Map: Summer Castle is now available.

Tom and Jerry: Chase also allows you to play the custom matches together with your friends like other MOBA games, but not 10 people but up to five people. You absolutely can communicate, chat with friends right within the game with none other software.

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